Test-driven development by example by Kent Beck

Test-driven development by example

Test-driven development by example Kent Beck ebook
Format: chm
Page: 240
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0321146530, 9780321146533

The example database is called WeatherData. Feb 22, 2011 - You have no examples of test classes to learn with, and because the code hasn't been got under test, it isn't going to be designed with testing in mind. In Kent Beck's Test Driven Development: by Example book, he uses the example of adding different currencies together. For example, if a function is supposed to return true if it's successful, then in our test, we should assert that the return value is equal to true. Each chapter has small-enough chunks of logic broken down and demonstrating his points was great. I thought the book was well-organized. Even if my example had actually shown such a test, bugfixing isn't the archetypal TDD scenario. Aug 13, 2010 - Being a long-time proponent of Test Driven Development, an interesting idea occurred to me. Dec 9, 2005 - Benefits of Test-Driven Development: Kent Beck, in the preface to this book mentions Ron Jeffries' pithy phrase, 'Clean code that works', and suggests that this is the goal of Test-Driven Development. As you can see here, we test the viewing of the guestbook with entries and without. Nov 23, 2010 - I spent some time working though TDD using C# over the last week. Sep 16, 2012 - Test Driven Development, like all good games in the world, is simple to learn, hard to master. In my previous post I gave an example of the benefits of fixing a bug by first writing a test. Sep 28, 2011 - Test-driven development, or TDD as we'll call it from now on, revolves around a short iterative development cycle that goes something like this: Before writing any code, you must first write an automated test for your code. Apr 30, 2009 - In this article I demonstrate principles of test-driven database development (TD3) along with Try/Catch and SqlCmd functionality.

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